A person planning the construction of a new building, or altering, extending, converting or changing the use of an existing building or demolishing an existing building or structure would need to comply with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 103 of 1977.

Development Management, through this legislation, can;

  • assess standard building plans and permits for smaller works, such as swimming pools and small wendy houses
  • extend the validity of an approved building plan
  • issue permits for temporary structures
  • issue hoarding permits
  • issue demolition permits
  • provide copies of approved building plans
  • conduct building inspections during construction
  • issue occupancy certificates
  • enforce building regulations
  • investigate and resolve building complaints, contraventions and illegal building work
  • maintain statistics on construction activity in the City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority through the integration of departments such as Development Management and Environment enforces the City’s commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency in the built environment. These departments work closely to ensure the protection of properties protected by local, provincial or national heritage legislation.

Anyone practising architecture and submitting architectural building plans must be registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) in one of the following categories:

Professional Architect (PrArch)
Professional Senior Architectural Technologies (PrSArchT)
Professional Architectural Technologies (PrArchT)
Professional Draughtsperson (PrArchDraught)

The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, Act 103 of 1977 requires the name and SACAP registration number of the person drawing up a plan to appear on all drawings and documents submitted to a local authority. For more information on when registration is required, visit the SACAP website at www.sacapsa.com or contact your local Development Management district office.

A land use application is often the first step in the formal planning and building process and all prerequisite land use approvals must be obtained, where necessary, before submitting a building plan. Development Management has produced a guideline series to assist landowners, architects and planners in preparing development applications.

Make land use and building plan applications

Land Use and Building Plan applications can now be conveniently submitted, processed and tracked through the City of Cape Town's Development Application Management System. DAMS is fully integrated with the City's SAP enterprise environment and links the City's central property repository, Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as the City's financial system and document management system.