Widening of Strand Road, Bellville, between the R300 northbound off-ramp and Tienie Meyer Link Road commenced in mid October 2017.

A road upgrading project began in mid October 2017 to increase the capacity of Strand Road and reduce the heavy congestion experienced on the R300 northbound off-ramp in the morning peak hours. Heavy traffic on Strand Road during the morning peak hours leads to long delays which results in traffic backing up onto the R300 off-ramp. In an attempt to address this congestion, the upgrade will include:

  • The construction of an additional lane on Strand Road between the R300 northbound off-ramp and Tienie Meyer Link Road
  • The widening of a section of the R300 northbound off-ramp
  • The construction of a 3m wide bicycle and pedestrian facility along the entire length of the road widening in Strand Road

Construction involves widening portions of Strand Road and the R300 northbound off-ramp. Lane closures will be in effect daily on Mondays to Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00. Two overhead portal gantries will be erected on the R300 northbound off-ramp, which will require closure of the off-ramp. This will take place at night (19:00 to 05:00) to minimise disruption. However, road users will be notified in advance.

The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2018. Due to anticipated congestion during construction, TDA recommends that alternative travel routes or using public transport be considered.

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