Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron Mayoral, Committee Members, Transport Portfolio Committee members, Representatives of Rabie Property Group, Representatives of the Century City Property Owners Association, Members of the media, Honoured guests, Good afternoon, goeie middag, molweni.
It gives me great pleasure to be with you all today in launching yet another milestone on our journey to provide a safe, quality and reliable transport service to the people of Cape Town.
It has been just over four years since we started the journey to implement an integrated rapid transport system.
The word ‘integration’ in this sense not only speaks about the integration of a transport network to ensure a more seamless journey for commuters.
But what we have found in our mission to provide a world-class service is that we need to see an integration of ideas and form partnerships and cooperate with key stakeholders in our city.
Today we celebrate a partnership with the Rabie Property Group who have shared in our vision to provide quality transport and infrastructure.
This project is a prime example of how well private and public partnerships can work.
And it is further demonstration of how we are connecting residents all over the city with opportunities, as this route links to a number of residential, industrial, retail and office development areas.
The construction of this MyCiTi station was entirely funded by the Rabie Property Group at a cost of R30 million as part of their development fees to contribute towards the cost of bulk infrastructure.
In this case, their contribution towards bulk infrastructure was offset against the design and building of the MyCiTi Century City station.
This represents the most significant private sector contribution towards public transport improvements made in the City of Cape Town to date.
The City thanks you, Rabie Property Group, for working with us in delivering another quality infrastructure project to our residents.
The station has now been handed over to the City to manage, maintain and operate in terms of our agreement with Century City.
I am also pleased with one of the unique additions to this station as it will include retail space for retailers to benefit from the foot traffic in this prime location.
The revenue derived from the leasing of this space will form part of additional income streams for Transport for Cape Town.
We remain committed to realising our true potential by continuing our roll-out of a world-class public transport service that connects residents to opportunities.
But when we work with the private sector, we will be able to do more and to do it quicker.
The City of Cape Town is open for business and we are open to integrating ideas and projects that will bring greater socio-economic gains to benefit the city and its residents.
By working together, we can make progress possible through delivering a sustainable and quality transport service.
Thank you, baie dankie, enkosi.