MyCiTi’s cashless system, which has now been recognised internationally, reduces the risk to commuters while allowing for a varied fare system. 

The MyCiTi myconnect card has won a MasterCard Transport Ticketing Award in the ‘Best Bank-Card Ticketing Scheme’ category, beating a field of submissions that included systems from London and Barcelona.

The winner was announced at the Transport Ticket 2014 Conference and Expo in London earlier this week. The world’s experts in global innovation, transport ticketing, and fare collection were present at this prestigious event. The myconnect card beat two other top contenders in the contactless card payment systems category: BKM and Konya Municipality in Turkey, and Vix Technology’s partnership with the Utah Transport Authority.

‘This is a proud moment for the City of Cape Town’s transport authority, Transport for Cape Town (TCT). The bank card ticketing system is a much safer option for our commuters as it reduces the risk associated with having to carry cash. 

‘The award is testimony to the fact that TCT is touching the lives of commuters in a positive way, and is a step in the right direction. It will ultimately allow us to realise our goal of one card and one fare system. Our key to an integrated public transport system is an integrated ticket (card), where commuters can use one simple means of payment on all modes of transport for seamless travel,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.

The card system has allowed the City to develop differing fares for peak and off-peak travel, and to encourage travel during off-peak periods. It also provides for rapid boarding, especially during peak periods. 

The myconnect card makes it possible for passengers to budget for their travel expenses and use a single, cashless card system to pay for their journey. Passengers using the MyCiTi bus network simply purchase a myconnect card for R25 from MyCiTi stations or from participating retailers, and load money onto the cards. The myconnect card uses MasterCard’s contactless technology that provides consumers with a safe, easy and convenient way to pay by simply tapping on a specially equipped terminal each time they enter or leave a station or bus. Fares are accurately calculated when they tap in and tap out.

While the contactless transaction amount has a maximum limit of R200, the commuter has the option of loading a higher value transaction. However, a transaction of more than R200 will require the cardholder to enter a secure four-digit PIN.

‘In South Africa, many commuters previously had no choice but to pay for their transport using cash. The myconnect contactless solution offers commuters the chance to be liberated from the security risks and inconvenience associated with cash payments,’ said Philip Panaino, the Division President for MasterCard in South Africa.

‘We would like to commend Transport for Cape Town on the successful roll-out of this world-class payment solution that is helping to open up financial inclusion to those South Africans who have previously not had access to financial services or products,’ said Panaino.

The MyCiTi myconnect card payment system is also in line with regulations of the National Department of Transport. This means that in time, these cards will be able to be used interchangeably on transport systems across the country.

Councillor Herron acknowledged the hard work of the MyCiTi team and the City’s partners who collaborated on the roll-out of themyconnect card payment system. 

‘We would like to thank our lead contractor, ICT Works, and their technical partners Vix Technologies and ABSA Bank, as well as the commissioning engineers, Transport Telematics Africa, for helping us to make all of this possible,’ said Councillor Herron.