Transport for Cape Town, the City of Cape Town’s transport authority, is spending approximately R7,3 million on the refurbishment of the Victoria Road bridge over the southern suburbs railway line in Plumstead.


‘Road users travelling along Dalegarth and Cannon Roads often crash into the Victoria Road bridge, mainly because they underestimate the height of their vehicles or load when driving under the bridge. This happens despite the signboards along Dalegarth and Cannon Roads warning drivers of the 3,8 m height restriction ahead,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.
Due to this, parts of the concrete underneath the bridge have become dislodged over time. As such, Transport for Cape Town on 30 March 2016 commenced with repair work to the underside of the bridge, or bridge soffit, as well as with special measures to reduce the risk of concrete falling down on pedestrians and motorists passing underneath the bridge.
‘The most important aspect of this project is the installation of two fender beams or crash barriers where the Victoria Road bridge crosses over Cannon and Dalegarth Roads. Each fender beam is 10,5 m long and incorporates steel armouring to withstand the impact of vehicles crashing into the deck soffit,’ said Councillor Herron.
The reinforced concrete precast beams span the roadway width and are supported on reinforced concrete columns, similar to the existing pier columns.
‘The new fender beams will improve the safety of all road users, and are intended to protect the bridge structure. That said, I want to remind road users to please take note of the 3,8 m height restriction of the Victoria Road bridge. It happens far too often that drivers simply ignore the warning signs, or even worse, are unaware of the height of their vehicles and loads,’ said Councillor Herron.
Furthermore the two staircases, parapets, abutment walls, concrete surfaces, and bridge piers have been repaired, and new coatings were applied to improve the durability as well as the visible aesthetics of the structure. The bridge deck was also resurfaced and new deck expansion joints were installed.
‘The project is progressing well, despite the inclement weather that we have been experiencing over the past few days. If all goes as planned, the refurbishment should be completed within the next three weeks or so. I am confident that the new measures will reduce the likelihood of damage to the bridge deck and that residents will notice the new renovated look of the Victoria Road bridge,’ said Councillor Herron.