Chantal Greenwood, manager of automated fare collection at TCT, received the Certificate of Excellence Award 2014 in the category: Best Female Employee within Transport in Government, nationally, from the Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters.

Greenwood is responsible for the management and technical implementation of the electronic and intelligent transport systems (ITS) related to the MyCiTi service, in particular the automated fare collection and public transport management systems such as advanced vehicle tracking, schedule planning and real-time passenger information.
‘Chantal started her information systems and technology career at the City in 1993 and in 2011 was awarded the Service of Excellence Award by the City in recognition of her implementation of an extensive ITS and bus tracking system for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ public transport service. This latest recognition by the National Government is fitting for a person who is always willing to run – not walk – the extra mile in finding solutions that will benefit the City and in particular those commuters who are making use of the MyCiTi service. We are extremely proud of Chantal and her team,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.
The myconnect card is quintessential to the cashless system of the MyCiTi service and won an international MasterCard Transport Ticketing Award in the category ‘Best Bank-Card Ticketing Scheme’ in London in February 2014, beating a field of submissions that included public transport systems from London and Barcelona.
‘There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears associated with these types of implementations and adherence to the tight delivery schedules. This recognition keeps us motivated and focused. The value of a simple “thank you” should never be underestimated in providing satisfaction and reassurance to teams who can, at times, feel quite overwhelmed. The most satisfying part of it all is having had the opportunity to be part of a team, because the MyCiTi service is a team effort; together we create the overall commuter experience with each one of us contributing in our own way to its journey of success,’ said Greenwood.
Furthermore Dave Buerger, who joined the City in 1986 as a civil engineer, received a Certificate of Excellence Award 2014 in the category: Best Manager in Transport.
‘Dave is in charge of TCT’s capital works. He manages the capital budget, procurement processes and contractual arrangements. He is the one who eases our projects through all the red tape that is associated with capital works within government. His nomination for this award is a feather in his cap after nearly 30 years in local government,’ said Councillor Herron.
Buerger described the construction of the new overpass bridges at Hospital Bend in 2010 for traffic flowing into and from Cape Town and from and to Rhodes Drive and Settlers Way, as one of the highlights of his career at the City.
‘It was a huge challenge, particularly because of the tight timelines we had to adhere to for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. It is so satisfying for me, as an engineer, to see what we have accomplished out there. It makes you proud,’ said Buerger.
This project was also a winner in the ‘Construction Techniques’ category at the annual Fulton Awards in 2011.