Councillor Brett Herron cordially invites you to participate in a dialogue on affordable housing and its role in creating an inclusive city.

Councillor Herron is the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member responsible for the Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA). The TDA amalgamates the functions of transport, development, environment, urban planning and new housing for Cape Town.

As we know, South African cities inherited the legacy of apartheid spatial planning. Many of our residents live very far from work opportunities, reliant on relatively expensive transport options to access their places of employment. The high cost of transport, long distances commuters have to travel to get to work, and the poor integration between the different modes of transport entrench economic exclusion and threaten social stability. Housing options available to low income earners have traditionally been located far from employment and transport nodes, and are too few to cater for the great and increasing need for homes arising from rapid urbanisation and urban population growth.

Across South Africa, during just a six year period, delivery of housing opportunities to the poor declined by a third: 228 872 homes and services sites were delivered by government in 2008/09, but just 154 129 were provided in 2013/14[1]. National housing policies and programmes, whilst critically important, are declining and clearly inadequate to alleviate the huge demand. We are hosting this dialogue to discuss and explore opportunities and mechanisms for the provision of affordable housing in Cape Town; with a focus on provision in well-located areas of the city, close to public transport nodes.

DATE: 12 September 2017
TIME: 07:00 - 10:00
VENUE: The Townhouse Hotel, 60 Corporation St, Cape Town