The City undertakes regular housing consumer education drives, involving a range of City stakeholders such as the utility services, disaster risk management and environmental management departments, to educate beneficiaries on the importance of being a responsible homeowner.

The objective of the housing consumer education programme is to educate and empower housing consumers or beneficiaries on their options, rights and responsibilities, and to raise awareness and promote behavioural change through communication and education.

Additions to the training material include environmental sustainability practices such as waste disposal, recycling, energy and water saving, climate change and food gardening.

Since 2006 beneficiaries of all new subsidy housing projects receive housing consumer education before the handover of their house.


<h3>TITLE DEEDS</h3>

The registration process for current housing projects is being streamlined to ensure that title is issued as part of the project rollout. The City continues to transfer title deeds to new owners with 14 500 transferred over a three-year period.



The housing database is mainly used to ensure the fair and transparent allocation of vacant rental housing units managed by the City and of housing developed in terms of national government programmes.

The City conducts ongoing awareness campaigns to encourage applicants to regularly update their information on the database.

A web registration facility allows applicants to register and check their waiting list status on the City’s housing database using the Internet. This has resulted in ongoing growth in the number of registrations.