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Cape Town is one of Africa’s oldest cities. Shaped by history it bears the marks of colonialism, slavery and apartheid. Although the democratic era has brought great changes, inequality and exclusion particularly for poor households, remains a visible feature of our city. The launch of the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority in 2017 brings together the key urban functions that can change this. By placing transport, urban planning, public housing and environmental sustainability in one Authority we unlock the synergies, investment partnerships and creativity we need to grow Cape Town’s economy, and improve quality of life, for the benefit of current and future generations.

Transport Planning Authority

Planning an efficient transport system that meets the needs of people and the economy.

Investment Management

Managing our resources and revenue streams to maximise the impact of our investments.

Network Operations Management

 Ensuring that that the transport network supports the efficient movement of people and goods.

Contracting Authority

Contracting with vehicle operating companies and others to provide world class transport services; preparing to administer the subsidised bus contracts in terms of the National Land Transport Act.

Transport Enforcement

Making our transport network and infrastructure safe and secure.

Urban Planning

 Planning our city to support transit oriented development and a compact city form.

Municipal Regulatory Entity

Ready to take responsibility for governing the issuing of minibus taxi operating licences once national government has assigned this to the City as required by the National Land Transport Act.

Liaison, Communication and Stakeholder Management

Building strong relationships with our partners, communities, the public and visitors.

Human Settlements

Facilitating quality, affordable housing close to jobs, schools and services.

Business Management

Using data to work smart, measure our performance and meet the needs of our customers and investors.

Infrastructure Management

Looking after our road and transport assets for current and future generations.

Urban Sustainability

Conserving our natural assets and reducing our carbon footprint for a sustainable future.


The City of Cape Town's Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA), through its TDA Constitution By-Law is a governance and management structure by which the functions of transport authority, contracting authority, municipal regulatory entity, enforcement, infrastructure management, urban planning, human settlements, and urban sustainability are integrated. A By-Law is the legislative mechanism available to local government and facilitates longevity unlike a policy. This enables TDA to have a foundation that will enable long-term investment in integrated, intermodal and interoperable transport and the related network.


To reverse the effects of apartheid spatial planning, by implementing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) strategies to redress the imbalances of the past, and provide inclusive opportunities for all its residents.

Long-term Strategy

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Strategic Framework is TDA's long-term development strategy. It prescribes how new developments across Cape Town should happen and how existing public infrastructure should be transformed to address the legacy of apartheid spatial planning, the high cost of public transport, and urbanisation, while also stimulating economic growth.

TOD is a new approach to integrate spatial and transport planning that prioritises more efficient land use, with increased densities and mixed uses. It prioritises the right development in the right locations with public transport and access as the determining factors.

Going forward, it means that the delivery of new housing opportunities will not happen in isolation, but in conjunction with access to work opportunities and access to public transport. It means affordable housing will be provided on well-located land, close to work opportunities, schools, social amenities and social services.


By combining the functions of transport, urban development and elements of human settlements into one sphere of control, TDA has the sole aim of reversing the effects of apartheid through performance-oriented and investment-led service delivery, unlocking the door to social, economic and spatial transformation in Cape Town using business-oriented principles

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First-time property owners in Heideveld and Kleinvlei receive their title deeds


Ahead of the festive season, the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has handed over a total of 330 title deeds to the property owners of Breaking New Ground housing developments in Heideveld, Kleinvlei and Roosendal. These handovers are testament to the City’s commitment to empowering some of our most vulnerable residents as first-time property owners.

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