The Intermodal Planning Committee (IPC) is established in terms of the Constitution of TDA By-Law and the National Land Transport Act. 

The purpose of the IPC is to enable the participation of appropriate integrated transport and urban development stakeholders on matters relating to integrated transport and urban development. This enablement of participation will facilitate a broader perspective on achieving the City of Cape Town’s vision and intent to reverse the effects of apartheid. And in so doing, bring about the social, economic and spatial transformation of the built environment in Cape Town.

The IPC is chaired by Melissa Whitehead, Commissioner of the Transport and Urban Development Authority. Members of the IPC include representatives from the City of Cape Town, neighbouring municipalities, Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, Metrorail, Transnet, South African Bus Operators Association, Golden Arrow Bus Services, National Department of Transport and the Western Cape Government.

Several IPC subcommittees have been established, which focus on issues such as rail management, land use, port infrastructure and transport law enforcement.


Adopted by the IPC.