Golden Arrow
Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) provides transport for thousands of daily commuters through contracts with the provincial government. Golden Arrow has a user-friendly trip planning system on their website which allows passengers to plan trips to destinations from start to finish, or to view all timetables. For the most up-to-date information on all Golden Arrow Bus routes in the Western Cape call the City’s toll-free, 24/7 Transport Information Centre number: 0800 65 64 63.


MyCiTi buses are an efficient way to get around the city, while saving on fuel costs and relieving the city’s very busy roads of cars. MyCiTi buses are safe and efficient, with stops and stations around the city connecting commuters to major destinations and other transport routes and networks including the airport – meeting the needs of both commuters and visitors. MyCiTi makes use of a card-based fare system and everyone needs a myconnect card to travel.

The buses are also a great choice when considering the environment.  The MyCiTi fleet complies with Euro 4 emission standards, while the smaller, newer buses meet very strict Euro 5 emission standards. Emissions are also reduced by mixing special additives into diesel fuel. See www.myciti.org.za for information on all available routes, bus timetables, myconnect card sales and fares.


It’s the most popular form of road transport in Cape Town, and the most easily accessible mode of transport for communities across the city. The informal mode of transport doesn’t operate on strict timetables, so it’s possible to hop aboard at almost any time of the day. Minibus taxis run in most areas of the city and they are also very affordable, which makes them extremely popular. They operate on cash only, so have coin change or small notes ready for payment when you board.


Trains are a cheap form of public transport. They are also a greener option because they can transport many people, cutting down on emissions released from cars. Metrorail is the Western Cape's rail provider.

Instead of driving to work, try parking your car at a public transport interchange (PTI) that is close to home and take the train the rest of the way.

The City has provided upgraded park and ride facilities at the following 16 rail stations:

Brackenfell, Claremont, Diep River, Eerste River, Fish Hoek, Heathfield, Kenilworth, Kraaifontein, Kuils River, Lansdowne, Monte Vista, Muizenberg, Oosterzee, Ottery, Plumstead and Retreat.

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